Full Circle Classrooms

Unique Adventures in Learning 
for children K-6

Byfield, MA

                            Full Circle Classrooms 
     Embraces A Diverse & Evolving Learning Ecosystem!
        We offer a progressive educational model:
          K-6 tutoring through individualized instruction,
   collaborative projects and globally-oriented experiences.

 •A Partnership with Families
 •An Individualized Approach with Focus on Soft Skills and 21st Century Learning
 •A Landscape for All Types of Learners, including accelerated learners, twice exceptional learners, and students with learning differences (ADD, ADHD, anxiety, dysgraphia, etc.)
 •Authentic Real World Experiences with Community Experts as Mentors
 •Emergent Curriculum
 •Student-centered with Flexible Learning
 •Embracing Creativity and Curiosity
                       WHAT WE STRIVE FOR:
*Harmony & Peaceful Learning
*Opportunities for students to make a positive difference in the real world
*Adaptation & Flexibility
*Growth mindset
*Social-Emotional Learning
We Embrace Neurodiversity 
•Changing the question: “How Smart Are You?” to “How Are You Smart?”
•Use of strength-based strategies
•Hands-on learning and minds-on thinking
•Balanced collaboration
•Flexibility of thought / creativity in curriculum
•Promoting intellectual risk-taking
•Discovering awareness of authentic self

What Makes Us Unique:

* Collaborative Learning Brain-Based Learning

Educate the Whole Student

Include Real-World Application,

Empathy, Team Building, & EQ

* Letting students' curiosity pave the way


* Interdisciplinary, Project-Based Learning *

Learning that fosters individualized curriculum &

piggybacks off of student ideas


* Unique Documentation *

Progress shared weekly via

slideshow, giving students prompts to share their learning with family


* Open Concept Learning Spaces *

Natural lighting, outdoor classrooms

* Comfortable spaces that foster collaboration 


* Community Experts As Mentors *

Real-world Internships & Applications


* Global Learning Community *


Skype & State-of-the-Art Technologies


* Personalized Assessment Strategies *

Measure true growth

EX: video, oral presentations, projects

Full Circle Classrooms was founded in 2012 to provide a progressive educational model - a platform from which students can reach their full learning potential, make global connections, and embrace their interests.